Monday, November 2, 2009

Surface Magazine-issue79/Avant Guardian

The crux of the Avant Guardian concept has always been the nationwide, open-call photography competition. Over the summer, we sifted through hundreds of online submissions to then commission, produce and publish a select 10. But this year, we peppered the entire book with the results. Five fashion shoots make up the Portfolio (pages 77 to 109), while architectural images and still-lifes open our Modem, Facade and Area departments and close the book in Suffix. And nestled on pages 38 to 41 is a beauty story that’s indicative of the imagination and resourcefulness at the heart of this issue and, frankly, of the art and editorial team that crafted it.

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Stone said...

For reals...? Congrats. I spent a few years trying my damndest to make that issue, then gave up. Hell's yeah. Your shit kills babies.