Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Forever Bohdan Will Be Missed- Rest In Peace my Love.

Bohdan was my best friend and my child. Even though she was a cat. I looked forward to coming home to her after every trip, and everyday. She kept me sane and motivated. Bohdan means GODS GIFT in Ukranian. She is now GODS GIFT. Please read the following

-Bohdan and Ollie were having a normal wrestling match at about 10p.m monday Oct. 27th 2008. After the match Bohdan starting breathing weird, and her stomach was pulsating. I thought maybe she was just winded from running around so much. I watched her all night until 4 Am monday night. The pulsating started to slow a bit. So I wanted to let her rest
-I woke tuesday Oct 28th at 8:30am to Bohdan laying on my chest purring and meowing. Thinking she's ok. She was still breathing heavily.
X and I knew it still wasn't good. We took her to the ER to get checked out. They didn't know what was wrong until the doctor took an X-ray. Took the X-ray and noticed 70% of her body was filled with fluids. He didn't know out what it was. They tested the liquids inside her body and sure enough he noticed Lymphoma mass's in the liquid.(cancer) She tested positive for Leukemia. The negative reaction to Leukemia is Lymphoma. The mass was so big it started to collapse her lungs, which is why she was breathing heavily.
The journey ahead of young and loved Bohdan's life was looking very rough, hard, and emotionally unbearable. She was suffering and I didn't want to put her through Radiation and Chemo. It was up in the air as to what could happen if we did. It could have worsened.
-It was her time to go. Bohdan was put down Oct. 28th 2008. Exactly ONE year ago when one of my best friend's Paul and I picked her out at the pound. ONE YEAR. Bohdan was 1 year and 8 weeks old.
R. I. P Bohdan. You will always be with Me. "GODS GIFT"

We then starting to question about Ollie. Could he have it? Could he get it from Bohdan?
We ended up testing Ollie....
He tested Positive for leukemia.
He is still a strong soldier and has been acting himself 100%. So it may never get to the point it was at with Bohdan. Keep Ollie in your thoughts and prayers. STAY STRONG OLLIE/Bouggs!

There is no way to find out who had it first, or who gave it to who. Bohdan or Ollie could have been born with it. The way it was passed is also unknown. But, they did share food, water, and a litter box which could have been the cause of either of them getting the deadly disease. So kittens and cats that are not tested SHOULD BE, before they pass it on to another innocent creature.

Cats are very good at hiding there feelings, until its too LATE...

This just proved to me that anything can happen in the blink of an eye. Here one day and BAM, gone the next. Love your family and pets like its their last day.

with love,
Austin Michael Sherbanenko
Christina Tunde Vagi
Ollie aka. "Bouggs" Sherbanenko Vagi

R. I. P Bohdan Bohdana Sherbanenko.
You will always be with us. "GODS GIFT

---Ollie is the Black one and Bohdana is the Tortoise one.