Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quartzite, Arizona Mission

Tuesday 5:45 am headed off on our journey to AZ. Crew consisted of Mom Dad, and myself!

Quartzite AZ is the worlds largest flea market. (And Im guessing highest population of WHITETRASH) Yeah I bet your thinking how much cool shit there is Aye? Blows Rose-Bowl flea market out of the water, this is where vendors at Pasadena get their antiques and other items. It was REALLY an amazing place. 100's of vendors. from Million year old bones, rocks, and other odd findings to WWI/WWII items, Nazi germany, and ANIMAL hides, skins, feet, teeth, tails, claws, tusks, antlers, and SKULLS .. you name an animal and part and its there!! Got some Awesome things. Check the pics...ENJOY


Journey Begins at 6am SHARP!

Tank site on the way

Beautiful Sadness


Anyone need a BEAR TRAP?

$35 AZ...$235 Pasadena

I bought it.

He smiled for the camera!

Piles for Miles, literally!

People here had a sense of humor, Some didnt.."Plastic is mad from COW BLOOD". haha

Defines the LOCALS perfectly!

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